2012 Article Feature: "FIVE STAR CONTRIBUTION"

" '...The heroism and sacrifice of those first responders were truly inspiring' says Summers, a managing partner at Chartwell Trading...he was inspired by the selflessness and devotion to duty of the men and women who serve in the military. 'I want to give something back.' 

That desire has led to a new scholarship at Seton Hall that earmarks $80,000 from the Summers Family Foundation for post- 9/11 military veterans and first responders, or their children.  '...these were tremendously dedicated and impressive men and women and that they deserve the opportunity to go to the best private schools like Seton Hall.  I found out there was a need to fill the gap between what the government would pay for their tuition to a private school and what it costs.'

Awards of $5,000 are to be made to four Seton Hall students in each of the next four years... The scholarship program Summers established earlier at his own alma mater made a big difference to its first recipient, Reena Singh of Jersey City, the daughter of a disabled veteran. The honors student worried about meeting tuition bills, so the scholarship definitely alleviated a lot of strain and helped me stay focused on my classes. "

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“...They deserve the benefits of attending the best schools in the country, such as Fordham. Sometimes, the G.I. Bill doesn’t cover all of the costs, so private citizens must step in to fill the need.”

With that in mind, Summers made a $125,000 gift to the Gabelli School of Business (GSB).

His generosity will fund a scholarship for veterans who have been admitted to GSB but do not qualify for the top-level benefit in the G.I. Bill. If no such veteran is available, the gift will go to children of veterans who were killed or wounded as a result of their service in the Vietnam War."

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